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    Marriage & Family Therapy

    Why see a family therapist?

    Have you ever experienced emotional breakdown with a family member?

    Has it ever led to disconnection? Even worse, has it ever led to cutting off that family member or relationship?

    If this sounds like you or someone you know, I can help!

    Repairing Relationships

    Someone seeking to see a family therapist should be interested in resolving issues within their family unit.

    This is where acquiring the assistance of a trained professional can be of great value.

    Working with a trained therapist allows families the opportunity to redevelop connection between family members and work through past hurts, pains, and past difficulties.

    As the family is working through past challenges or struggles, within the therapeutic environment lies an emphasis that is placed on developing family structure and cohesion that can lead to effective change.

    Who should attend?

    The entire family unit. That would be parents or guardian(s) as well as children or relatives living in the home.

    Therapy is most effective when all parties involved are present. Each individual within the family unit has a unique perspective about each situation, which is their experienced vantage point.

    It is important to hear from each person, thus creating the space for potential understanding to unfold.

    Understanding an individual’s perspective and experience can lead to future connection and resolution.

    What is family therapy like?

    Family therapy is a safe environment in which the needs of the family can be identified and addressed in a healthy non-judgmental manner.

    A lot of today’s society has grown up or are currently growing up in homes where the message is being spread to keep family issues within the home.

    Strongly communicating the message that it is unsafe to discuss family dynamics with outsiders, despite goodwill intentions. If you have ever felt misunderstood in your life, you understand how frustrating and alienating it feels to be unrecognized.

    These emotions can build up over time and lead to emotional collapse.

    Family therapy creates a space and allows for connection to past hurts, pains, and misunderstandings.

    Each member of the family unit is treated equally, promoting emotional healing and emotional repair which leads to the strengthening of family relationships is the main goal.