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    Therapy for Adults

    Therapy with Adults

    Life as an adult can be difficult. It can be taxing, and sometimes overwhelming to manage the day to day demands of adulthood: managing daily stress, jobs, family challenges, financial difficulties, and the various relationship struggles. As we confront life’s difficult challenges we can fall out of alignment with ourselves and require additional support from a trained non-judgemental professional. As we age we confront more and more of life’s challenges. It would not be uncommon to experience periods of depression, anxiety, trauma related issues, and/or other difficult emotions. During the times when things become too overwhelming or you lack the support to work through these difficult issues, seeking the services of a trained professional can have tremendous value in decreasing struggle.

    Why see a Therapist

    Therapy addresses the health and well-being of your mental health. When we have a physical issue like pain or illness we contact a health care professional. Therapy is similar, the difference being instead of healing your physical health, you’re working to heal your mental health. Therapy is a great way to work through past and current struggles that may affect you at your core. It provides a safe space to express yourself in your desire to change while being supported by a mental health professional.

    What is Therapy like?

    Therapy provides the opportunity to address relationship struggles, a desire for change, as well as a desire to reach personal goals. To me a great clinical hour is when a clients needs are able to be verbalized and heard, leading to action oriented improvements. The beauty of the process is creating an open space that has elements of compassion and acceptance; allowing one to process while not focusing attention on being judged or ridiculed. Therapist are trained professionals, experienced in hearing peoples deepest experiences without judgement. You can expect questions about your relationships, both past and present. Your family history and personal interests. The goal is to develop the tools to work through life’s difficulties in a effective and healthy manner.